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Entrepreneurs : Exhausted & Stressed out?

You work very hard as an entrepreneur. You most likely work long hours into evenings and weekends  because you care passionately about your business, and you want to get to the next level quickly.

You care for your building list of clients/ customers, dutifully putting their needs first as you learn how best to serve them.
You may be a new business owner, an established  entrepreneur or just starting out. You are working hard and you may be responsible for your staff, your team; as well as your clients. And you don’t get to switch off.

You may be single, married, with children, caring for relatives etc.
Each set of circumstances having its own set of challenges.

For your loved ones, your families and friends. Feeling guilty perhaps that you cannot spend as much
quality time with them as you would like to.
You are juggling continuously, balancing work requirements so expertly that trained acrobats who spin multiple plates, would admire the precision and timing as you meet business and personal demands in today’s hectic pace. You are too busy to switch off.

And the pace increases with the advancement of technology. As entrepreneurs we are by nature learning constantly and there’s more to learn and keep up with, at an exponential rate.
There’s always so much to do. And perhaps you are worrying about everything that needs to be done. Those tech issues, projects and marketing strategies, networking and multitude of other things to get a handle on – there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. You are meeting clients face to face or have back to back business zoom calls with others across the globe, so you are navigating time zones. Perhaps your sleep is affected as you sacrifice it to get a semblance of leisure time. No wonder you are feeling tired. The patterns continue. No wonder you are feeling exhausted. You may be neglecting yourself. No wonder you are starting to feel burnt out. You may feel stuck with a lack of focus. This can be caused by stress, sleep deprivation and the presence of negative thoughts. You worry because you care about your business. And you can’t seem to switch off.
The business that you have seen as a cherished dream, that you studied so hard to launch and develop; may now seem to create doubts as your heart grows weary, seeing your colleagues struggle too in today’s environment. There’s the temptation of escapism as pressure builds, which in turn can lead to unhealthy consequences. And to cap it all we are handling a global pandemic in the best way we can.
Do you feel enough is enough? 

Don’t despair. Help is at hand.

Like you I am an entrepreneur,  starting my business from scratch during 2020,  I too understand the challenges and sacrifices, and this is how I came to train as a solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. This is why I am passionate in wanting to help others using my training.  Knowing that it works quickly, to help you get your healthy sleep patterns back, to reduce your anxiety and stress levels, to develop healthier coping strategies through effective techniques that may not only make your life easier;  but with strong motivation, improving your productivity, increasing your self-confidence and addressing negative habits that might be holding you back;
helping you towards feeling grounded, resilient and with better health and wellbeing.

As entrepreneurs we are highly goal driven.
Working in partnership me can help you to
– manage negative thoughts and behaviours
– improve focus and gain clarity of mind
– develop creativity
– improve confidence in taking the right actions, for fulfilling your goals.
-Healthier work/life balance.

Hypnotherapy is now  scientifically proven to develop creativity, confidence, concentration and clarity of mind. It can help you to gain clarity that is needed to develop better coping strategies and focus on what is truly important in your life.

You deserve to put yourself first sometimes. Now is the time to put the oxygen mask on for yourself. It is vital to look after ourselves well before looking after others so we can better serve others and last the distance.
Take the first step today to better self care today and help you and your business to thrive.

Book today and Prime Your Mind For Success.

Are you still sceptical, let me share some of my clients’ wins, take RL for example:
RL was starting up his business during the first lockdown during the pandemic. He clearly lacked confidence and was very introverted. He regularly procrastinated and felt overwhelmed by stress.
After a course of hypnotherapy coaching sessions RL gained confidence, his business gained momentum despite multiple lockdowns, and he started to network, became more sociable, and even found a business partner for further planned projects.
His joy in developing his business was becoming more and more evident and he even gained enough confidence and motivation to give up smoking!
He is now contracted as a freelancer in his chosen field, with a globally known company, and is looking forward excitedly towards the future!

Better sleep patterns
Improved mental clarity and focus
Improved ability in problem solving
Increased confidence in decision making and taking action
More time and freedom to focus on your priorities
Enhance work performance
Healthier work/life balance

By taking my course, I will guide you through this process

What you will get on this course:

Free Initial consultation to check that we match for the best outcomes
1 weekly  hypnotherapeutic coaching session
Access to presentations on various subjects relevant to business and personal development
relaxation audio

What will it cost you not to take any action today?

Can you imagine looking back in12 months time and seeing others progressing but not you?

How would you feel?

Next Steps:

Let me help you find a happier, healthier, and more successful version of you via

1. 1:1 Personalised Hypnotherapeutic Coaching 

2. Group  Hypnotherapeutic Coaching 

Book today. Your future self will thank you.


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