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Frontline Dentists: Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

Hi fellow dentists. Let’s talk about some important issues that affect us all.

In 2020 when the world shut down, we all suddenly faced unprecedented circumstances and
had to make some drastic changes, not all through our own choice.

We realised we were struggling with insomnia and stress and feeling overwhelmed by
everything we needed to do to juggle life effectively.
We may have realised that we had been struggling for years
but it was only now that we realised how much.
We had the chance to reassess our lives.

Have you been there,
worrying about your staff,
PPE and availability of other stock;
working late evenings and extra days to keep up with your targets?
Staring into your computer or tv screen late into the night, or
lying in bed unable to get to sleep thinking about the day’s diary,
the latest work and world developments and
worrying about the future.

You juggle your personal life too, spinning plates. If you are a single person you alone are doing your domestic chores, carry out life administrative tasks as well as attend to family and carve out time for friends and family. If you are married and with children you too may well have you own set of associated challenges. Perhaps you are a carer too for elderly or disabled relatives. You may have dealt with illness, trauma and grief and other life events on top of everything; without being able to deal and heal fully. Lacking leisure time you
simply wonder surely there must be more to life than this existence?

Without the consistent, correct balance it could all come crashing down
affecting your precious health and ultimately your cherished business too.

All this effort will then have been for nothing.
These are real fears, and you have been shouldering them for far too long.

Are you feeling exhausted, stressed out, overwhelmed and on the verge of burnout?
You may be feeling lost, vulnerable, indecisive and unsupported and ready to give up on your dentistry career in the NHS or private sector because you are now second guessing yourself and wondering if you are really meant to be doing this?

You are not alone.
And it is not your fault.
There have been so many compounding factors.
Now enough is enough.

I understand you.
I was there exactly where you are now, until I learned how to cope more effectively and
handle the daily challenges and life’s curve balls better. I found my own way.
I am also still here, in the business of making people smile.

Hi I am Dr Rashmi Chury.
I am a seasoned dentist in the UK. I have served in the NHS and private sectors having wide experience in various environments, ranging from emergency, general dental, community and prison services across the country as an associate and locum.
I have faced the daily challenges that many of us dentists go though, as well as numerous other life challenges, and found that hypnotherapy helped me tremendously for stress management and grief as well as overcoming my phobia of public speaking. I wanted to share the valuable gifts that I have been taught to others in need. During lockdown in 2020 my contract ended abruptly, and I decided to refresh my medical hypnosis skills and train as a solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist in readiness to help others, especially other frontline healthcare professionals to deal with the anticipated onslaught of PTSD and grief as a result of the global Covid 19 pandemic.

I learnt so much, and now I am passionately keen to help others who are suffering as I did.

Have you had enough of struggling? Are you ready to live better?

What if I told you that you are just one decision away from making step towards a better future?

What if that one step away meant learning proven techniques that would allow you to have:

  • healthier sleep patterns
  • a relaxed state
  • more mental clarity and focus
  • more self-awareness
  • an improved ability to problem solve
  • an increased ability to take decisive actions
  • more time and freedom to focus on your priorities
  • a healthier work / life balance?

You invest so much time and money into your career; in post graduate courses,
attending conferences and networking with colleagues over the years.
You’ve invested in your skills in this industry, your vocation,
which for many of us is a calling to help others in need to smile again with confidence.

Should you carry on suffering from insomnia, stress and the symptoms of burnout,
and risk even worse consequences to your health?

Your patients need you. Your family and friends also need you. First of all you need you.

Now is the time to prioritise and invest in you.

Taking my Survival and Thrival Toolkit courses can help with aspects as listed above and other benefits.
Investing your time, attention and care on yourself with a short course of hypnotherapeutic coaching can reap huge visible dividends for you and refresh your dental career. Dentistry has been your passion, and it can be again.

You can do this!

Sign up to my Survival Toolkit For Dentists online course today and let us show you the next step to overcoming insomnia, stress and burnout, and become the resilient, successful dentist that you really want to be.

Using my solution focused based hypnotherapeutic coaching approach,
we focus on the present and your future without the need to dive into the past.
We work relatively quickly using long established and effective techniques safely, in partnership with you,
on a customised 1:1 basis to create your preferred future with lasting positive changes.

You are worth it.

Book today for your no obligation consultation.
I look forward to meeting you; helping you to smile from the inside out, and create a brighter future.

Prime Your Mind For Success.
Caring for the caregivers
Making Self Care A Priority In Healthcare.

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